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Casie Gotro made the Waco justice look bad.....

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  • Casie Gotro made the Waco justice look bad.....

    Big Jake, one of the nicest people you could meet in your life is free for now. If you want to see how it all played out, go to aging and back up to the start of the trial a few weeks ago. Jake Carrizal had a lawyer that knows the law; That and the fact that is well known now that the ARF started it all. Good reporting by folks on the trial.

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    It's been a long hard row to hoe and it ain't over yet. This isn't a win. I'm still waiting on word whether charges will be dismissed or if the case will be retried.

    Stood alone on a mountain top starin' out at the great divide. I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. And pretty soon, my heart was singin'. . .


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      Looks like March now.


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        Texas Justice sucks. Hopefully she will do better next time. One of the best lawyers for criminal cases. The ATF started all this crap. Had agents patched as Cossacks in the Twin Peaks. Dirty folks they are.


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          The actual trial is set for April 2, 2018.

          Anybody else think it is one day late?


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            I know a lot of the Bandits. I have been riding for over 40 years in their areas, they are all different, some break the law, some don't; But mostly they just want to be left alone. They don't associate or talk much to people they don't know. I met Jake years ago when I was slinging strand and fiber for GTI in the Dallas area. A lot of bikers are contract linemen in Texas. Jake has never been arrested for nothing more than disorderly conduct in his life. They were preyed upon and attacked first years ago by the ATF infiltrated Cossacks. There were ATF agents in shot calling positions in the club. Same thing they did to the Mongols and then attacked the Angels at Harrahs Casino. It was an ATF agent that kicked the Hells Angel in the chest and started the fight. Jake and the others were ambushed by the Cossacks and were led to do it by law enforcement. That is what needs to be put out and put out well. The Cossack members that were helping known ATF members have mysteriously disappeared from the motorcycle world. The president of the Coassack chapter..Wilson was a rat for the feds against the Aryan Brotherhood while he was in prison in Colorado. I know. I was in prison with him when I did my 4 years and 2 months for the feds there. And just to say Big Jake is a good man that would help you in anyway he could if he knew you is an understatement. I really hope he beats this illegal attempt to put him in prison for the rest of his life. If the law hadn't started all this, it would have never happened. Please read all you can on the trial and look at all the videos out there. Hell, the very first video released shows a fat fuck ( no disrespect to the fat fucks I love) in a ball cap patched up as a shot caller in the Cossacks, firing at the Bandits, in very professional cop like form. That is one of the ATF agents. Get to play biker and the government supports it.