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  • Well, It's Happening

    I would hate to be in the business these days.

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    Several friends are high-ranking officers in different, large metropolitan areas and I have conversations with them about this regularly. I absolutely fear for their safety. If they do their job and defend themselves, they are scrutinized. If they are hesitant to do their job, they are scrutinized. And all of this is because of over-judgmental media, self-absorbed race-chasers, and thugs. Ironically, many of these thugs are the worst kind of racists. All of which who are quick to over-react, and prematurely judge, based on minimal information and lack of facts.

    Absolutely ridiculous environment for the very people that are tasked with protecting us, our families, our homes and our neighborhoods.
    "Blue skies hangin' over my head, I got 500 miles to ride." - RVZ


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      It's time to shoot back first.

      For a long time, when an Officer was killed, I would call their department, to express my condolences.

      Never told them my name, or where I was from.

      Just wanted them to know, that someone cared.

      In the last few weeks, I just can't do it anymore.

      Our country, has lost it's soul.


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        It is going to get worse the more the media covers only what they want to cover the RACE card and keep pushing every ones buttons to get their ratings higher. This just puts officers in more danger. Looks like its time for a robo cop you break the law you pay.


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          I'm afraid we're heading for a race war. The cities are going to get bad. Lock & load brothers. Take care of you family and loved ones.


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            I will keep my neighborhood safe..............
            Semper Fidelis!!!

            Ride Free - Ride Safe!!!

            "AKA" - Terry


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              A few years ago we stopped for gas in an out of the way station. A lone sheriffs deputy breezed into the station and talked to and ultimately arrested a car full of men.

              He was by himself and badly outnumbered.

              Six of us stationed ourselves around the lot until he had them all cuffed and a couple more units arrived.

              We left with a nod to him and a return nod and continued on our way.

              No big deal, but just being aware of what was happening around us.