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    AUSTIN (March 8, 2012)óLeslie Cochran, the cross-dressing, often homeless man who became something of a local icon in Austin has died at the age of 60.

    Valerie Romness says her friend died shortly after midnight Thursday of complications from a brain injury.

    An unofficial motto in Texas' capital city is "Keep Austin Weird," and Cochran exemplified it like no one else.

    Cochran was known to cruise around downtown for years in tiaras, dresses and women's underwear.

    He became the butt of politicians' jokes and posed next to countless tourists in photos.

    Cochran ran for mayor unsuccessfully multiple times on a platform to plant more trees and wear more conservative dresses to "respect the office."

    His friends planned to gather later Thursday at Austin City Hall for a parade in his honor.

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    He was somewhat of a celebrity.... even heard of him up here! Still one strange dude though.......
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      I did not and it makes me sad. I first met Leslie at ROT in 2005 on 6th Street. He always dressed for the occasion and would don leather and fishnets for the biker rally! RIP Leslie.

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