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  • Saturday

    Good morning. The snow squalls have stopped for now.... have a couple of drifts to clear out of the driveway, then I'm just gonna relax.
    Ride safe, Stoney



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    Rain...the snow they promised is not here...promising some snow all 3 day weekend...but too much rain mixed into these fronts for it to stick at lower elevation...

    Got out for a short drive yesterday...some ice on the mtn roads but not bad...just slow down...I did not go all the way up to the Y in the road where they close it...too many switchbacks just before you get there...but it was bright sun...

    Guess I will hibernate today as it does not look promising...want to go over the mtn to my brother's and try out that new rifle...we got in the ammo and he mounted the scope, but since it is a pump with closed receiver no telling where the point of aim is....also it is the last weekend before my niece flies off to Hawaii to work..

    Have some reading to do...
    Bakersfield CA
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