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  • Wednesday

    Good morning. Clear and cool here today. Working on setting up a surprise 65th birthday party for the missus..... should be fun!!
    Ride safe, Stoney



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    First storm front passed mainly to the north of me...mostly blow and go here...hopefully snow in the mtns, but judging by my temps this is a tropical storm...59* at 4AM, high today 63...wind has calmed down some...supposedly a couple more coming before a forecasted sunny weekend....

    Take my granddaughter to school then meet my oldest daughter on her way through town heading for southland (Disney country) for work today...glad the rain and wind have died down for her trip over the mtns..she often rents a subcompact that work pays for...I hope she drives the Ford F150 dual cab we gave her today...she will have a 500 mile day plus work, worse on gas but better in wind and rain...she doesn't normally have to go that far south for work as the main office is in the LA-LA-land area, which would normally handle stuff down there...hopefully means she is getting good billable hours before Christmas...

    Does wifey's b-day included a young stud popping out of an box???????

    Bakersfield CA
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