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  • Wednesday

    Good morning. Mild and rainy today, then it clears as a cold front comes in. Had a couple of job prospects contact me yesterday....... hoping to set up interviews today.
    Ride safe, Stoney



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    Good Luck...hope you find a good fit....

    I woke feeling like a semi ran over me...I guess the flu and pneumonia shots are kicking my butt...years ago, the flu shots would give me flu symptoms...the USAF medics told me it was impossible, but I would have a 102-104 fever for 2 days after getting the shots...finally I would show up in formation and then refuse...they would write up the refusal....that meant getting called into First Sargent or SQ Commander and explain, but missing the formation would be a letter of reprimand...

    Haven't had issues with the shots in the last 15 years or so...but my immune system is way down so who knows...I had some work to do today, but I am not may have to wait until Friday...tomorrow, if I can drag my butt up, I have to make the school assembly...granddaughter gets upset if PaPa doesn't make her assemblies...little shit expects more out of me than she does her mom and dad...
    Bakersfield CA
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