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  • When, Where, and How

    US Army 78 to 81
    95 B
    Ft. McCellan AlA.
    Ft. Benning Ga.
    Salute to my fellow brothers and sisters in arms..Thank you for your service..;)

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    Army 82 to 85

    62B,62E,62F,62J,88M and last but not least 11B

    Fort Ord Ca.

    Only joined cuz the Judge said if I didnt I would go to jail..:eek:
    Razing hell and loving it


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      U.S. Navy 1968 - 1972
      Viet Nam Riverene Forces 68-71 USS Snohomish Cty LST 1126 USS Page Cty LST 1076
      Viet Nam again 71-72 Seabees ACB-1

      God Bless that those didn't come home and Bless them that have served and are serving


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        Air Force '65 to '69 in the Pacific Rim, mostly in Hawaii.

        My youngest just got to Bagram yesterday, also Air Force.


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          US Army 1987-1990 (91B Medic)
          Aschaffenburg, Germany
          Iowa Army Guard 1990-1997, Montana Army National Guard 1997-1998 91B20 (Medic)

          Montana Air National Guard 1998-1999 46N3 (Registered Nurse)
          Active Duty Air Force 2000-Present 46N3 (Registered Nurse)
          Scott AFB, IL
          Ramstein AB, Germany
          Lackland AFB/Wilford Hall Medical Center, San Antonio TX
          Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, MT

          Operation Desert Shield/Storm/Calm; Nov 1990-May 1991 (91B20 Medic)
          Operation Iraqi Freedom; May-Sept 2008 (46N3 Nurse)
          Operation Enduring Freedom; Sept 2010- April 2011 (projected) (46N3 Nurse)
          Living the dream


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            God bless and thank y'all for your service.

            Stood alone on a mountain top starin' out at the great divide. I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. And pretty soon, my heart was singin'. . .


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              U S Army 1978 - 1992
              1st Gulf War Desert Shield/Desert Storm
              FT Benning, Ga
              FT Jackson, SC
              Germany 3 tours
              FT Campbell, KY
              Iraq, Kuweit, Saudi
              I'd rather stand with God and be judged by the world, than stand with the world and be judged by God !!!


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                US Air Force 1967-71 mostly at Keesler AFB in Biloxi.
                1972-92 USAF reserves.


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                  19D Cavalry Scout 1997 - Still serving.
                  4th ID Ft. Hood, Tx 1997 - 2001 1-67 Armor Scout Platoon
                  2nd ID Korea 2001 - 2002 A Troop, 4-7 Cavalry
                  4th ID Ft. Hood, Tx 2002 - 2007 2nd BDE Recon Troop and 2-8 Infantry Scout Platoon
                  Ft. Knox, Ky 2007 - Today
                  Iraq 2003-2004 and 2005-2006


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                    Army 84 to 88
                    63B cross trained to M1 Abrams Tank Mechanic, the M1 was brand new when i was in.

                    Basic/AIT Ft Dix NJ
                    Kirtch Goins Germany (The Rock)
                    Ft Knox Ky, like the area so much i never left


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                      Army 70-73
                      82nd Airgorne
                      1/504 HQ
                      light weapons inf.
                      50 cal. gunner
                      the little one is my brother Ringo. aka Dingbat.


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                        Air Farce 1966 to '70

                        Lackland AFB, Texas: where they indoctrinated me
                        Keesler AFB, Mississippi: where they trained me in Tactical Micro Wave
                        Clark AFB, Philippines: Where they taught me Jungle Survival (eat bugs live off the land, not get caught... etc.)
                        Vietnam: Where they tried to kill me and let me kill other people
                        Shaw AFB, S. Carolina: Where they tried to transition me back to civilian life

                        Stopped eating bugs, worked in communications until I retired (AT&T), haven't killed anyone since Hue, but I still carry a gun!

                        how do you spell [s] whacko [/s] wacko
                        Two 'F-ing Trikes
                        Damn I'm Old!
                        We are really
                        Steve & Vesta


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                          Ga Army National Guard 78 - 79
                          U S Army 79 - 92
                          Basic - FT Dix, NJ
                          1st AIT FT Benning, GA 11C 1978 Indirect fire Infantry (mortor)
                          2nd AIT FT Jackson, SC 63B 1979 Power generation / LT wheel mechanic

                          Germany 80 - 82
                          FT Benning 82- 84
                          FT Campbell, Ky 84 - 86
                          Korea 86 - 87
                          FT Campbell, Ky 87 - 89
                          Germany 89 - 92
                          Desert Shield / Storm Nov 90 - April 91
                          Medical Retirement 92
                          I'd rather stand with God and be judged by the world, than stand with the world and be judged by God !!!


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                            U.S. Navy 1992-1998.
                            Andersen AFB Guam 1992-1994.
                            NAS North Island San Diego 1994-1998 to include a 6 month cruise on the Aircraft Carriers USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Constellation.
                            U.S. Navy 2001-2009.
                            NAS North Island 2002-2006 to include a 6 month and a 9 month cruise on the USS Carl Vinson.
                            Naval Station Norfolk 2007-2009.
                            Now I work as a civilian for the Air Force working hydraulics on KC-135's.
                            Paddle faster, I hear banjo music!


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                              U.S. Air Force 1982-86

                              Lackland AFB, San Antonio TX - Basic Training
                              Lowry AFB, Denver Co. - Tech Training
                              Cannon AFB, Clovis NM - 27 TFW, Armament System Specialist working on F-111D aircraft