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  • My new sporty

    I've been off of two wheels for awhile and just picked up a 2014 48. I never thought a Sportster would be this much fun. Feels great to ride again and what power!!
    2014 Sportster 48

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    The last Sportster I owned was a 1974 Ironhead and it was a lot of fun when I could keep it on the road.

    Too many people had tinkered with it over the years and it had some idiosyncrasies that would cause your hair to stand up once in awhile.

    With that said, I have a friend that has a new one and it is a ball to sling through the twisties.


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      I still miss my old 88 Hugger, it was so easy and fun. I'm thinking of going back.


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        Welcome Raider. My first Harley was a 2002 Sportster. It was a fun bike but I don't ever want to go back to a carb. now that I've had a couple fuel injected ones.


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          The 48 is a great bike...... welcome back to two wheels!
          Ride safe, Stoney




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            Congrats on the new Sporty and welcome back to two wheels.

            I picked up an 01 Sporty for my wife over the winter but I have been the one riding it mostly since I have my motor all torn apart.


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              Welcome to the forum, Yeah my 1st 4 Harley's were sportsters. All hugger models except one and not sure what it was born as lol. Still love the sportster, but back surgery a few years ago has kept me off them and on the touring bikes.
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                I like sportys but I also know if I had one again I would likely hurt myself. They are snappy and a blast to ride but can get out from under you in a heartbeat.
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