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Kenda Kruz rear tire

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  • Kenda Kruz rear tire

    Someone told me they got a 160-80/16 under their dyna and it was the best tire he ever used. I checked their site, and lots of folks swear by them. Allegedly a "top secret rubber compound. (Heheheh)

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    I'm not sure what Kenda tire I used, but I had them on my old '61, and they were a good tire.
    Ride safe, Stoney




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      What kind of mileage are they getting and how well do they hook up in the wet?
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        I just put a Kenda Kruz 160-80-16 under the Hogster work bike. 5ply tread 4 sidewall. Road 76 miles in 42 with rain right before the snowstorm of history here. Not one problem. 70 and 80 in that shit on the interstate. Hit the two lane home 55 and 60. No slips no slides. Gonna put one on the dyna slide after the holidays, which here means after Mardi Gras.


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          Kenda Kruz 160-80/16 has 5 ply tread and 4 ply sidewall. Max loading of 853 pounds and is 75H rated. When the fedex man dropped the tires off I immediately thought, Damn that is a stiff sidewall. Most bitch of a tire that I ever manually mounted.. Max pressure at full load is 40 pounds. I tried 36 with the short shocks I have and FUCK THAT was my first thought. I am now at 32 pounds on the hogster and dyna slide and they ride and turn mobetta. I am sure I will have to increase pressure if I carry a load, but I am happy with the tit wear already. Must be that top secret rubber compound. The kenda 160-80/16 is abount 3/4 inch taller than the dunlops and I can actually feel the height change. Which was good because I would drag the back part of the frame on certain style dips and bumps with the 150-80/16