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    Confused by frame terminology? Let us confuse you further

    When looking at the specs for frames, the rake and stretch indicate the difference from a stock frame. The stretch in the downtubes ('up') is how much higher than stock the frame will be. The stretch in the backbone ('out') is how much longer than stock your frame will be. This effects the fitment of parts, as you can see. When rake is described, it is always in degrees. This is how far out it puts your front fork. (This can also be accomplished with raked triple trees, and sometimes this is a better way to pass inspection with very extended front ends.) Rake is where you should be careful It is the angle of the front end, and effects handling.
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    That much I knew. What I would like to know is how can you precisly increase the rake degrees of a standard frame and still have the rake and trail be safe.
    You suggest "raked triple trees" might be better because the frame is not modified but doesn't that throw off the safety issue of handling?


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      Does anyone happen to known what Harley frame has the greatest rake right out of the factory? If I ever get around to doing my build I think I would rather start with a factory made frame rather than attempt to cut one myself.


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        Anytime you increase the rake angle handling will suffer