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Pinstriping question

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  • Pinstriping question

    Does anyone know where I can get the pin striping decals that the MoCo uses ?

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    I asked a friend of mine that paints. He mostly restores old cars but he has done several bikes and is a long time rider. We don't believe there is such a thing as a decal kit specific to Harley. A friend of his in Wisconsin has a similar business but about 50% of his work is in motorcycles repairing and restoring Harleys for dealerships. Dave says he will be talking to Chris this weekend and he will ask Chris and then let me know for sure. I'll post his answer here. It sounds like most of it is done by masking and painting. We'll see.


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      Thanks man. Yea. I am getting ready to paint a tank and am trying to find the pinstripe decals like the MoCo uses so I can shoot the clear over them like they do. I found a couple places that sell the decal tape stripes but they don't recommend clearing over them. Was wondering if the MoCo uses some special kind.