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    I just put new 4" Big Louie Rush slipons on my 04 Road King, Its like I have a new MC. Is it me or can that add horse power? I had the 3" Rush on it and got down on it lets just say more than once and its always seems lacking in power. I have the stage 1 already programed and sense I put the 4" Big Louies with 2.25 baffles I took off from stop got down on it and actually cause the rev limiter to kick in, with the 3" rush it never did that.....LOVE the way the Big Louie sound too !!
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    My initial reaction is that it is just you. It's just a big air pump. air in and air out. With that said, if your exhaust was restricting that air flow, you would notice a difference when you opened it up.